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Catalyst Foundation is a humanitarian organization that helps build communities in Vietnam to fight human trafficking. Be the Catalyst for HOPE!

Caroline Nguyễn Ticarro

Caroline was four years old when her family fled Vietnam on April 29th 1975, along with hundreds of thousands of other Vietnamese. Twenty-three years later to the day, she returned to Vietnam to adopt her twin daughters. It was during that first return trip that Caroline decided she wanted to do something to help. The desire to help resulted in the founding of Catalyst Foundation in 1999, focused on helping build communities to fight human trafficking. Watch her TEDxTalk in 2017.

“Caroline's passion and dedication to her work is clearly present when she speaks. In her soft spoken style, she immediately grabs your attention in a way that is informative and very emotional.” - Ellen Paffumi, Yale University.

Caroline is available to speak about many topics relating to human trafficking, children’s human rights, community organizing, social work, global development, humanitarian aid, international adoption, multi-ethnic and cultural education, non-profit management, volunteer work, and travel in Vietnam. Here are some of the most requested presentations.


The International Labor Organization (ILO) estimates that over 1.3 million persons have been trafficked into forced labor within Asia, representing over 55% of the world’s trafficking industry. For many years, Vietnam has been known as a “source country” for child trafficking.

Catalyst Foundation is currently working in a rural part of Vietnam to build communities to fight human trafficking. Their story, the work they do, and their fight to stop trafficking has been featured on the “CNN Freedom Project”.

Caroline Nguyễn Ticarro will share with you the international facts of human trafficking, how it affects your daily life, and how you can be a catalyst to end it...because “no child is disposable.”

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In 2001, the United Nations established a set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals which were a “new, universal set of goals, targets and indicators … expected to use to frame their agendas and political policies over the next 15 years.”

In addition the goals made no mention of human rights and did not specifically address economic development. Caroline Nguyễn Ticarro’s goal as well as Catalyst’s is to address these. Working in Vietnam since 1998, she has seen the real impact of the United Nations and the State Department. The message is pure but impact is negligible. Breaking down each of the 17 goals, Caroline will explain how everyone has a role in the future, how everyone is responsible of the future development of the world.

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As a woman founding, operating, and managing Catalyst Foundation on her own, Caroline has had to fight to overcome stigmas and stereotypes on both sides of the world.

As a daughter, sister, mother, friend and boss, Caroline has had to adapt her method over the years but her mission has remained constant while always striving to address the imbalances in the benefits available to both males and females.

With 20 years working in the poorest parts of Vietnam, Caroline will discuss the changes she has seen take place. She will relate several personal stories of triumph and setback. Dealing with the ups and downs of sexism in her home country, Caroline will relate how constantly working to balance the unbalanced rewards not only her, but future generations with hope.

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It was during her first return trip to Vietnam to adopt her daughters that Caroline decided she wanted to do something to help. She will share how her dream and mission expanded from helping those initial babies, to helping children at risk of becoming victims of human trafficking, and their families living in extreme poverty. Caroline constantly looks for new ways to share her labor of love with others around the world and bringing HOPE to the children of Vietnam.

Along the way, Caroline has met some incredible people for whom there is much love and admiration. From each person, each place, and each experience, she has learned a great many lessons.

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