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Project Backpack - Catalyst Foundation

Catalyst Foundation serves an ethnic minority community in Ninh Thuan. This community lives in a small, rural hamlet; only speaks their indigenous language; and faces much discrimination from the ethnic majority, including being denied educational and job opportunities and access to basic services.

Your generosity allows us to fund the holistic Project Backpack program – to give our children the opportunity to become students in primary and secondary schools, provide opportunities to educate families and local residents about trafficking, children rights and child development, to feed all the school children in the community, monitor and ensure children’s health, and teach simple, sustainable and practical means of earning an income.

Your support allows us to help the 52 multi-generational Raglai people that we serve. This community is made up of a total of 200 children and 77 adults. The direct impact improves the lives, provides education, and access to medical care to the hamlet of more than 2,400 people.

Project Backpack program includes our current objectives:

Education: We will increase enrollment of 200 Raglai children in primary and secondary schools.

Annual cost per child:
School Fee $7.50
Uniforms $10
School Supplies $5
Shoes $5
Monthly Food Distribution for the family (Rice, fish, vegetables, soy sauce, fish sauce, cooking oil)  $20
Daily school lunch 50¢/day $90

Community Education:  We will provide community education for children so that they can succeed in school, for adults who need basic literacy education and for the community who must learn basic life skills, human rights, and child development.

Tutors for children’s education $1200/annually
Adult Literacy education $1200/annually
Community education trainers & supplies $1100/annually

Food: To feed all 200 school children in the Raglai community.

Kitchen & Cafeteria Construction $7500
Salaries for 3 mothers to work for 9 months $2400/annually
Community garden – provide new vegetables $100/annually + sweat equity

Medical & Dental: Monitor and evaluate program to ensure sustainable health improvements for 200 children.

Dental Visits (3x/year) $1500
Medical Visits (3x/year) $1500
Multivitamins, antibiotics, aspirin, anti-parasitic and vaccinations $500

Vocational Training: Teach simple, sustainable and practical means of earning an income.

Vocational training classes for 50-60 adults in construction, bicycle/motorbike repair, sewing/tailor, farming (educators & supplies) $10,000
Micro loans $5000